The Tie Bar Blogger Box: Blake Scott

Since gifting season is around the corner, I wanted to aid
in the overwhelming hardship of choosing the perfect gift set for your #1 fella.
I am SO excited to finally share with you my collaboration with The Tie Bar for this Holiday season!

I have curated a  Blogger Box  gift set which includes 4 pieces that I have personally
chosen and styled for you today.  
It was important to me to select pieces that were as versatile as they
were stylish, and completely reflective of my personal style.
 Check out the 4 pieces I chose, and how you can get your hands on them!


Lights Out

Black is back, and it's here to stay!
Lately, i've been gravitating towards darker pieces:
shoes, tees, watches, bracelets
for my everyday look.  Some feel black directly translates to edgy, but I don't feel that way.
You can definitely make darker shades dapper by keeping the look simple.
There is a certain old school class that black delivers unlike any other color.
Some of my IG posts don't make it to the blog, so I thought i'd share some of my current
faves- all shopable details included.
Here are some of my recent Instagram posts embracing:
A darker side of dapper!



Corduroy Suiting

Was finally able to wear this corduroy baby while in New York 2 weeks ago.
Prior to this week, LA had seen consecutive weeks of 90+ degrees-
there was no way I could've braved the heat to shoot this.
Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I was never able to experience
real seasons- I finally get it!  The importance of layering has been 
unearthed, and is no longer a thing to do when the temp hits below 60 - err, I mean, 30?
Here's what i'm wearing, and how you can get your hands on it!


Risk not Regret

 My daily routine consists of many of the same elements- coffee,
emails, meetings, lunch; more coffee, more emails- that often times I find myself
in a sort of creative block.  It becomes habitual to frequent the same places out
of convenience, that we begin to lose sight of the many things that make up our city.
Sometimes, a quick change of scenery is just the ticket to get you
out of your funk.  Today, Ash and I ventured over to Griffith Observatory to watch
the sunset and gather some much needed inspiration.