Pitti Uomo 87: Day 3

Closed out day 3 at Pitti with this impeccably tailored navy double breasted suit and coat
by my good friends over at ShayQ Bespoke.
Before leaving LA a few weeks ago, I spent some time with the ShayQ team
deciding on last minute details.  It's such a great feeling knowing I have these guys in my
hometown.  LA was lacking a true gentleman's quarter, and luckily for me,
La Brea Ave is looking like it's going to be the men's mecca for grub, suiting, and lifestyle.
Here's what i'm wearing...
Custom made ShayQ coat and suit
Coat: ShayQ Bespoke
Suit: ShayQ Bespoke
Shirt: Shay Q Bespoke

Cheers lads and lasses,

Blake Scott


Pitti Uomo 87: Day 2

Spent day 2 at Pitti networking with all the amazing European brands, 
and finally catching up with so many friends that i've met through IG.
It's always great putting a personality behind a face, and making true connections.
Here's what I wore for Day 2...
Mont Blanc portfolio kept me organized so I wouldn't miss a meeting, or forget a name.
Watch by Gent's Timepieces & gloves by Zara Man
I've been wearing this J.Lindeberg coat non-stop since hitting Europe.
Apart from the killer style at every turn, the weather isn't what i'm used to back in LA.
Dudes need very functional pieces that can get them through the day of hustle,
while still maintaining a very sleek look.  The modern take on this classic gives
a more youthful approach with the popped collar, zip pockets, and bold buttons.
A black coat is always worth investing in since it's traditional and a true
Gent's staple!
Photography by: Ashley Estrada

Coat: J.Lindeberg
Vest: Topman
Tie: Tommy Hilfiger
Shirt: Twillory
Sunglasses: Super
Trousers: Tommy Hilfiger
Socks: Mack Weldon
Shoes: Andrés Sendra
Portfolio: Mont Blanc
Gloves: Zara
Scarf: Armani Exchange

Hope everyone is staying warm and productive!

Blake Scott


Pitti Uomo 87: Day 1

 Writing to you guys from my Florence flat today.
I can't believe we've finally made it over for Pitti Uomo.
It's been a dream of ours for years to attend, and are just blown away 
by the stylish culture.  We caught these snaps in between meetings to present 
the full look.  Excited to share some awesome brands with you, and I'll be posting
live from my IG account all week.
Here's what i'm wearing...

Suit: ShayQ Bespoke
Shirt: ShayQ Bespoke
Scarf: The Tie Bar
Coat: Combatant Gentlemen
Boots: Tommy Hilfiger
Sunglasses: Persol

Excuse the lack of posting lately.  We haven't had the best wifi connections while 
traveling, and are finalizing the new blog set up.
We're hoping to be live within the next day or two- fingers crossed.
Thanks for bearing with us, and we promise to be back on our posting schedule soon!

Blake Scott


Prep Time

Running around town for some last minute  things before leaving to Europe tomorrow.
We're trying to take it easy and not stress out, but it's almost impossible.
Between being anxious and extremely excited for our first trip abroad, I hope 
we don't miss anything major.  We figure, whatever we forget here, we can purchase there.
Wish us luck, and send over any recommendations you may have for 
Paris, Florence, Milan, and London!

Here's what i'm wearing...

Photos by Ashley Estrada
Grayers coat
Twillory Shirt
Coach Shoes
Persol Sunglasses

Blake Scott


Back On The Grind

Happy 2015 guys!  I can't believe how quickly last year flew by.
Apologies for the major hiatus- Ash and I had to get our laptops serviced before leaving
for our trip, so it left us both without our lifelines for about a week.
Anyway, we're back now and bringing you lots of new material.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday vacation with family and close friends.
Here's what i'm wearing...

This Tod's bag hasn't left my side since receiving it over the Holidays.
It's the perfect shape and size to carry my daily necessities and some.
I love the color especially for it's versatility.  Also really digging the grips at the 
bottom making it fuss-proof for Downtown life.
Tod's Bag
Tommy Hilfiger boots
Persol sunglasses
Twillory Shirt

Guys, thanks so much for all your recs on IG regarding my first-ever trip to Europe.
Hope to bump into all my Parisian lads and lasses!
Don't forget to come and say hello :)

Blake and Ash


Casual Smart Style

I decided to take a jab at Casual Smart Style since i'm always torn between dressing up
and dressing casually, lol.  Some days I have nothing but errands to run, and others
a meeting will pop up unexpectedly; I like to be prepared for both.

By adding a parka, I brought down a dressy look to a semi-smart look.
The material, cut, and color of the parka are neutral enough not to 
interfere with the other elements of the look.  If you wanted to keep this look
dressy- for work per se- add a blazer.. that simple.
The simpler you keep your outfit, the more streamlined and effortless it appears.

Here's what i'm wearing...
Parka: Apolis
Shirt: Twillory
Sweater: Banana Republic
Belt: Anderson's 
Trousers: Banana Republic
Socks: Mack Weldon
Shoes: G.H. Bass (Cap Toe Oxford)
Bag: Tod's
Sunglasses: Persol
Watch: Thread Etiquette
Bracelets: Thread Etiquette

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and are planning on a memorable New Year's Eve.
I can't believe 2015 is already around the corner!

Lastly, the final touches on our new site are in order, so I can't wait to share 
that with you all!
Thanks for being patient throughout these last few months, and for your endless support!

Blake Scott