Just A Men Shoe

Happy Friday everyone!
Today I want to introduce you to Pedro, the man behind Just A Men Shoe.  We met briefly at an event over the summer without knowing much about one other.  We chatted a bit, exchanged cards, and maintained a great relationship.  
Here's what we wore for early morning meetings and coffee...
I am wearing the JAMS Oxford, and Pedro is wearing the JAMS Classic.  Just an FYI, the trousers weren't planned, lol.  I guess great minds think alike!
We believe a person should always exemplify their brand, and no one does it better than Pedro.
He is Just A Men Shoe.  
Pedro is always sharp; neatly put together, and details on point.
Shoes: Just A Men Shoe

The AELA team has some fun and exciting projects in the works.
We can't wait to share the details, but for now, we can say that it has to do with you!
Stay tuned amigos!

Blake Scott & Ashley Tianah

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  1. Blake, I was wandering, where do you get your ties from.