Our day began like most: 
Coffee brewing, early morning chats, quick updates to our calendar, and an open closet.
The only thing missing, was a meal.  
Here's what i'm wearing, and what I ate...

 I am so happy to share some news about my good friend Andy's- Co-Founder of Lookbook- newest venture: Joco Piano.
When translated from Italian, Joco Piano means "Quiet Game", and it is also the name of the oldest chess opening of the world- hence the awesome logo.  The brand is all about bringing refinement and elegance to the sock game, which I absolutely love, and whole-heartedly support.
We took a quick drive over to our favorite, and best egg sandwich spot in the city: Egg Slut.
Egg Slut is located in Grand Central Market (GCM), which happens to be the home to many of our favorite, and most frequented places in DTLA.  
The newest additions to GCM have been a butcher shop, pizza shop, and cheese shop.
We can't wait to return and taste all the new greatness.
 I am wearing a pure wool Suit Supply blue striped suit with an Alexander Nash tie, vintage briefcase, and a pair of JAMS.
The socks are made of super soft Egyptian Cotton Lisle, using 240 needle count machines, for a very thin/breathable but also durable sock. They also feature a hand-linked toe for added comfort which is my favorite part, since I walk all day.  Comfort and design are two important components that make a great sock, and Joco Piano nailed both!  
 Usual Suspects: The Fairfax- add bacon, add avocado, and fresh squeezed OJ.
You can thank us later.
Accessories of the day:
When I was chatting with Andy about his inspirations for the line, he told me that all his patterns were influenced by history.  This design in particular, was inspired by a 15th century Victorian era tapestry from the UK.  It's always great to have a story attached to the product because it makes it personal, and is also a great conversation starter.  
Suit: Suit Supply
Watch: Shinola
Tie: Alexander Nash, c/o
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Shoes: Just A Men Shoe, c/o

This Suit Supply suit has to be one of the best purchases i've made all year.
Many of you ask where I purchase my suits, and recommendations about where to start shopping for a suit.  Concerning the latter, Suit Supply is serving up some of the best made-to-measure suits 
that are trendy, affordable, and look damn good.
For my first SS purchase, I wanted to go with something bold, and also something I new I wouldn't find elsewhere:  a blue, double breasted, wool pinstriped suit.
The material is amazing, the color rich, and after a quick trip to the tailor, fits like a glove.

Hope you're all enjoying the stories behind each post.  We want to begin sharing a bit more with you guys, so we began by incorporating lifestyle shots in between.  What do you guys think?

I lastly want to congratulate, and thank Andy for the amazingness that is Joco Piano.
He gave me an exclusive sample to test and style, which left me in anticipation for the rest of the line.

As always, you can shop my look below:

Blake Scott